Here is the latest news from the Associated Press and Newstalk 870.

Spokane Shooting Suspect Killed by Police

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A suspect in a deadly shooting in Spokane has reportedly been killed in a confrontation with police in Nine Mile Falls. KXLY reports a man was shot dead about 1 a.m. today outside a Spokane house. Witnesses gave police the name of a suspect and description of a car that left the scene. Police tracked the vehicle to a house in Nine Mile Falls about half an hour later. Police say a man came out of the house, confronted officers and took off running. At some point shots were fired and the suspect was hit and killed. No officers are hurt.

Sacramento Kings Ownership Still Up In The Air


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is putting on a full-court press to decide the ownership battle for the NBA's Kings. The league's Board of Governors has voted down a proposal to relocate the franchise to Seattle and restore the SuperSonics name. With that issue settled, attention now turns to who will own the team. Seattle investor Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer negotiated a backup plan over the weekend involving a minority stake in the Kings with the Maloofs retaining majority ownership and keeping the team in Sacramento.

Oregon Police Nab 38 in Large Drug Sweep

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — More than 300 local, state and federal officers fanned out across rural Klamath County yesterday and arrested 38 people accused of operating a methamphetamine and gun distribution network connected to Mexican drug cartels. In searching 23 homes and businesses in Klamath Falls and outlying rural communities, police seized 4 pounds of meth and 50 guns.

Oregon "Bad Tan" Bank Robber Sought after Money Dye Pack Explodes


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — This bank robbery suspect should be easy to spot. Portland police say they're looking for a man with an artificial tan color to his skin and an orange bandage on his nose. Oh, and he might have red ink on his body and clothing since the dye pack he got along with an undisclosed amount of money exploded Police say the "bad tan bandit" robbed a Bank of the West branch yesterday afternoon in southeast Portland.