Perhaps a reason NOT to move to Massachusetts?   The state, as of August 1st, is banning bake sales in schools.

For as long as we can remember, and to current times, bake sales have been as much a part of schools as wedgies and lunch lines.  But in Massachusetts, they will be banned as of August 1st.  It's part of the state's new 'non-nonsense' nutrition standards,  apparently baked goods are considered "junk."     First, the vending machines and what are called "competitive foods" were eliminated from Mass. schools, but state officials are now pushing schools to include a 24-7 ban on such activities which would include after school events--even football games.

   Parents are up in arms over the ban;  it was bake sale money that helped fund the Danver High School band trip to march in the Pasadena Rose Parade recently, and has helped fund other significant events at high scools across the state.   As one parent put it,  you can sell pizza, you can't make that kind of money selling apples and bannanas.  Nothing against healthy food, but across the state,  local PTA and other school officials are seriously worried about the financial future of some programs, events and activities whose success is due in part to bake sale money.

  One vice president of the PTA at Horance Mann Elementary school in Newtonville said, "if you need a quick $250.00, you have a bake sale."   Apparently after August 1st, not anymore!  

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