A new (damaging) report has made the Obama administration appear to be more concerned with 'green' energy than the security of our people overseas.

Contracts signed by the federal government show $108,000 was spent on charging stations and other green equipment for the U.S. embassy in Vienna, Austria, and a higher-than-market price was paid for a Chevy Volt to be used in Oslo, Norway. That car cost $47,500 -- nearly $9,000 higher than what they are going for in the U.S.

Meanwhile, documents show requests for additional security by U.S. officials in Libya and the Middle East prior to the 9/11 attacks that killed a U.S. ambassador (and others) were denied.

Democrats claim GOP leaders have cut budgets over the last couple of years, but fail to mention the State Department can prioritize where and how the money is spent. It appears to be clear they can dump nearly $150,000 on green energy, but won't answer calls for greater security by our own people in dangerous situations.

According to Fox News, the State Department did not reply to a Fox request for comment on the green purchases.