With the Big Game coming up Sunday,  there will be all sorts of facts, figures, and information swarming the internet.  Here's our share.

A mix-mash of trivia, most unusual, some rediculous, and some will make you go...hmmm!

*Which city has hosted the most Super Bowls?   Miami

*Who are the only  teams who have met 3 times?   Dallas-Pittsburgh

*Who was the ONLY MVP from a losing team?   Chuck Howley, LB, Dallas Super Bowl V (lost to Colts)

*How many gallons of paint used to decorate field?   400

*How many cases of beer will be consumed during game?  50 million (according to retailers-restaurant association)

*How many gallons of water will be required to "flush" all that beer down the commode?  2 billion

*The last defensive player to win the MVP Award?   Free Safety Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay, Super Bowl XXXVII (beat Oakland).

*Which team has never led at any point in any of their 4 Super Bowl Appearances?  Minnesota. 0-4 in the big game.  Closest they ever came to a lead was trailing Pittsburgh 2-0 (yes, a safety!) in Super Bowl IX, which they ended up losing 16-6.