The challenge to Obamacare is not dead just yet.The Washington Post has issued this item:

"The Supreme Court has ordered an appeals court to reopen arguments on the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate and contraceptive coverage provisions, opening a potential path back to the highest court by late 2013."

Liberty University had filed several suits against the Health Care Law, and apparently the Supreme Court has not tossed them out. They've held onto some of the proceedings "without comment." The Post goes on to say:

"Liberty University doesn’t want to challenge the individual mandate as a tax; we already know what the Supreme Court thinks about that. But it does want answers whether the individual and employer mandates in the law violate religious freedoms, by forcing Americans to pay for abortions."

While we should not expect any swift or stunning activity, the Post says these actions by the Supreme Court could land Obamacare back before the judges early next summer, just before most of the hard-hitting provisions are set to go into effect.