Friday morning Kennewick police shot a man who came at them with a gun.

Details are still coming out, but Kennewick police responded to a report of a man trying to allegedly return merchandise to a store using a stolen credit card at an area business. The man drove off before police could arrive, but they later received reports of a reckless driver near 27th Avenue.

Police pursued the driver to 27th and Horse Heaven Hills Park, where the suspect was seen crawling around construction equipment. When officers confronted the suspect, he reportedly came at them with a gun.

He was shot in the stomach and taken to Kennewick General Hospital, according to KNDU-TV.

Police used a dog to help locate the suspect. Some unconfirmed reports claim the man tried to hide in the scoop of a front loader or backhoe and allegedly shot at police from that vantage point.

We will update more details as they become available. The name of the suspect and his condition were not released.