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Surprise! 17 WA Labor Unions Join to Oppose I-1631
In a move that has some political experts raising an eyebrow, a group of some 17 .labor unions representing more than 100,000 members have formally released a statement condemning and opposing I-1631, commonly known as the "Carbon Tax" Initiative...
Just What Is I-1631 Anyway? “Fee” on Carbon Emissions?
Critics and opponents say it's literally like playing political 'whack-a-mole.' They're referring to efforts to place a carbon tax (or fee as supporters call it) on Washington state business, factories and 'polluters.'  According to these critics, it just keeps pop…
Environmental Group Wants Carbon Tax on 2016 Ballot
No, that's not a typographical error. Perhaps an example of how close the ties are between extreme environmentalists and Gov. Inslee, supporters of Initiative 732 began their quest to get enough signatures to get it on the 2016 ballot.

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