I Have a New Favorite Coffee Shop: The Local
My son's friend works at The Local (8530 W Gage Blvd) and is always talking about it. It's been open about a year and a half but I'd never had a reason to go before. What makes it standout? It's like a wine bar for coffee!
Wanna Live Longer? Drink Coffee
Coffee drinkers no longer need to fret over health concerns and their beloved beverage, according to a new study by the National Cancer Institute. In fact, feel free to pour an extra cup in the morning because, the study suggests, coffee may actually prolong life.
Best Coffee in Tri-Cities – Our Top Five
According to the Coffee Statistics Report, Americans drink more than 146 billion cups of the stuff every year and its a daily "must-have" for more than 50% of the nation. Not everyone can make the best coffee, and it all comes down to preference on who really has the best cup of joe...but …