Drunk Driver Plows Home With 7-Year-Old in SUV!
Authorities continue to investigate a Monday afternoon incident in which an inebriated woman driver lost control of her SUV, and buried it up to the "B" pillar in a Pasco home.
Police say around 3:45pm., 29-year-old Amy Elizabeth Staats was driving her Yukon near the intersection of…
Teens Flee Cops at 100mph, 2 End Up in Hospital After Crash
Monday night, Quincy Police and Grant County Sheriff's were involved in a wild pursuit of five teen juveniles in a car, which refused to pull over and later reached speeds of over 100mph.
Around 10:40pm, a Quincy Officer attempted to pull over a car seen running multiple stop signs in Quincy, bu…
Parked Car 1, Drunk Driver -0- Sunday Evening.
Sunday evening a 44-year-old woman was arrested after she blasted a parked car in Kennewick.
Officials did not list the location of the wreck, but say the driver was intoxicated and was taken to jail. Her car sustained extensive damage as did the parked vehicle...
Icy Roads Sent 2 Cars Into Ditch North of Pasco
Icy roads are being blamed in part for a collision early Tuesday morning that left 2 vehicles in a ditch, but remarkably, no injuries.
Franklin County Sheriff's say the two vehicles collided southwest of Connell near the intersection of North Glade and Russell Road, a little more than 15 miles N…
Two Car Collision Sends One Vehicle Flipping
Benton County Sheriff's reported to a two-vehicle crash early Tuesday morning, where apparently one vehicle ran stop sign, slammed into the other, and sent them rolling.
Sherrif's deputies say one of the vehicle was headed west on Corral Creek Road, and ran a stop sign at the intersection w…

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