Excessive Speed Triggers Injury Roundabout Crash
Early Friday morning, Kennewick police and the Washington State Patrol say excessive speed was likely the cause of an injury accident in the roundabout near Steptoe and Columbia Park Trail.
Officers say the vehicle entered the offramp at a high rate of speed southbound from 240, towards Columbia Park…
Fatal Kennewick Motorcycle Crash Makes National News (FOX)
The 28-year-old woman accused of being impaired when she collided with a Kennewick cycle rider Tuesday night has made national news, because she is also a well-known Instagram fitness model and fitness coach.
Kate Summers, who's being held on $500,000 bail, underwent a transformation that was ch…
Cops Say Distracted Driving Led to Pedestrian Accident
Kennewick police now say the driver who hit a man crossing in a crosswalk was distracted.
Monday afternoon, around 1:30pm, the man had pressed the button at the Edison Crosswalk just North of Albertsons, it's the new crossing equipped with digital flashing lights...
Fatal Crash Closes Highway Near Walla Walla
A Monday morning crash involving at least four vehicles has closed Highway 125 near Walla Walla.
The Highway runs through Walla Walla and over the border into Oregon, the accident reportedly occurred just South of College Place around 9am.
Driver Falls Sleep Behind Wheel, Rolls Car [VIDEO]
Kennewick police say Thursday evening a man who'd been working long hours this week nodded off behind the wheel and crashed, tipping his car on his side, from the looks of the police report.
Authorities did not say where the accident occurred, but said it highlights the dangers of drowsy driving…
Motorcycle Crash Kills Two Southeast of Walla Walla
Oregon State Police are reporting a tragic motorcycle crash that killed a driver and rider Friday afternoon occurred after the Harley Davidson overturned on the shoulder.
Just after 4:30pm on State Route 13, a group of riders were approaching the Joseph Canyon Viewpoint in Wallowa County OR, about 40…

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