She’s Been on the Run for 5 Years. Can You Help Catch Her?
Imagine you're out drinking with your friend. At the end of the night you get in to your car to drive even though you've been drinking and the worst happens. You smash your car in to a poll and end up killing your friend.
That's what happened to Alejandra Cordona a little more than fiv…
Pasco Gunshots Lead to Car Chase, Ends with Car on 2 Wheels
Gunshots fired near Chiawana Park lead to a high speed chase by police. The chased car lost a wheel, crashing on its side, and the suspect arrested.
Police first got reports of gunshots and a white sedan leaving the area of Chiawana Park in Pasco on Friday after 1 p...
Cops Still Seeking Teen Driver Who Flipped Car in Hit and Run
Early Sunday morning, Police responded to a report of a wild hit and run accident in Kennewick.
Around 5:45am Sunday morning, officials were called to the 300 block of East 41st. A witness said this vehicle failed miserably trying to make a corner in the road. They wer...

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