Drunk Driver Ends Up Tooling Down Railroad Tracks
Early Monday morning, Kennewick police found a driver who was not only confused, but alcohol played a part in him ending up driving on railroad tracks near downtown.
Police were called to the area near Canal Drive and Benton Streets, and found this car about 100 feet east of the intersection...
Despite Digital Bans, We’re Talking-Texting MORE Behind Wheel
In Washington state, we have the new Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law, which bans any use of any hand-held digital device behind the wheel--even at a stoplight.
We're one of 14 such states who've passed complete bans. But despite the risk of getting a DUIE (Driving Under the I…
West Richland Police Cracking Down on Tailgaters
Physics will tell you that even if you jam on the brakes, your vehicle is going to require some stopping distance. Police records will show you that the number of accidents caused by tailgating is way too high in the Tri-Cities. West Richland Police will be keeping an eye out for tailgaters to try t…

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