Middle School Kids Evacuated to Gym by Fire Alarm
Students at Leona Marshall Libby Middle School in West Richland are safe after a fire alarm went off this morning.
Staff evacuated the school and the kids were moved to the gym, according to Benton County Fire District 4.
Firefighters searched the school and found a light smoke, but no fire...
15-Year-Old Teen Facing Five Counts in Oregon Eagle Creek Fire
The Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon was one of the biggest this fire season, and has consumed 48,000-plus acres since it was first discovered September 2nd. The fire in the Columbia River Gorge near Cascade Locks is 50% contained, but not expected to grow, and suppression mop up efforts continue.
Fire Destroys 2 Kennewick Houses Thursday Morning [VIDEO]
A fire spread to two houses off the 1700 Block of S. Rainier Street in Kennewick early Thursday morning. Both houses (1711 and 1719) were enveloped in flames but reports say the families for both houses got out safe thanks to "alert neighbors"...

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