10 Best Burger Places in the Tri-Cities
Like any American, I require the occasional (twice a week - no less) burger in my diet. When a Big Mac just doesn't cut it anymore, I choose one of these great locations.
Grocery Group Could Face Fine Over 2013 Election, GMO Foods
In 2013 you may recall Initiative 522 was defeated with 51% of the vote. It was the controversial measure that would have required food labeling to include if it was a genetically modified product, or GMO. Among those who opposed it are current U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse, who also was a former…
See the Health Benefits of Local Peaches!
Peaches offer a low calorie treat. They are so sweet that you don’t need any other sweetener and if you pick the right peach, one that has firm skin with just a bit of softness all around, you will indulge willfully instead of that sugary treat you might have picked...

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