Cops Pounce On Suspects in Middle Of Night
Kennewick has a team of cops known as the CAT, or Criminal Apprehension Team. They apparently are night owls, as they often conduct operations well after midnight. Patrolling, searching and busting bad guys.
A Sneak Peek at Construction for Scaregrounds 2017
Every year Townsquare Media has a haunted attraction at the fairgrounds in Kennewick Washington...we call it "SCAREGROUNDS"
This year we are taking it to a whole different level!!.... higher quality...lower ticket prices! and a Zombie Lounge...
Attacker Beats Man Unconscious Outside Kennewick Workplace
A man was followed to his work and then beat with a stick until unconscious and found by police. The Kennewick police found a man laying unconscious on the floor of Affinity Link, located at 3311 W. Clearwater Avenue near midnight on May 24th...

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