Hit-And-Run Driver 40 Years Old, You’d Think He’d Know Better
It kind of got our attention that the driver of the vehicle pictured, involved in a hit-and-run accident Sunday, was on the older side.
Kennewick police responded to the area of Highway 395 and 27th Ave Sunday afternoon for a report of the large red 4-wheel drive hitting allegedly hitting another car…
Dramatic Flipover Accident Injures Driver
A driver heading along on 10th in Kennewick between Olympia and Garfield Tuesday evening apparently hit a parked car, and wound up flipping their vehicle.
Fortunately Kennewick Fire crews were able to extricate the driver, but not before they were trapped in the car for a few minutes...
Driver Barely Misses Huge Electrical Box in Car Crash
Fortunately, fire and police crews were able to get the driver the help they needed.
Sunday evening, crews responded to the parking lot of the Conoco station at Canal and Edison after getting a report of a driver who veered off the road and into the side of the traffic light pole...

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