Woman Driving Stolen Car Injures Daughter in Crash, Meth in Purse
Not only did a Vancouver woman endanger the life of her 4-year-old daughter, but she was found with meth in purse, and driving a stolen car after a crash.
Police say 23-year-old Yadira Gonzalez drove into the intersection of 4th. and Columbia near the Pasco Farmer's Market around 7:30pm Tuesday …
Couple Busted Doing Drugs Right in Front of Restaurant
Kennewick police busted a man and woman, who were sitting right in front of a business in their car, doing meth in the parking lot.
Sunday afternoon, a call came in from a concerned citizens, drawing police to the corner of Clearwater and Morain. It ...
Meth Likely Behind ‘Reckless Burning’ In Kennewick
Given our tinder dry conditions, triple-digit temps and red-flag fire danger, it's likely the effects of drugs might have been the motivation for this suspect's behavior.
Kennewick police say 27-year-old Jared Pruitt after he was found to have set fire to brush on railroad property along We…

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