New Temporary Pot Ban Enacted in Benton County
Likely fueled heavily by a torrent of complaints and public comments from people who live near pot farms and stores, Benton County commissioners have placed a six month temporary ban on all new pot business developments, at least in the Finley area.
West Richland Residents Lit Up Over Pot Store at Meeting
Tuesday morning, Benton County Commissioners held a public hearing to gather comments about the new pot store that's being built in an unincorporated 'donut' of county land inside the West Richland city limits. From the bulk of the citizens who spoke, residents don't want it ther…
Yakima to Vote Again on Marijuana Ban This November
Yakima county is going to hold another public vote in November on whether to continue the ban. The public vote will not decide the ban but will serve as input for the council making the decision. That ban was put in place back in 2012 when it received 57...

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