Thief Boldly Dumps Old Bike, Steals New Spendy One From Home
Pasco police are seeking to identify this man, as he made off with a bike that ranges in value anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or higher.
Tuesday during the lunch hour, this suspect rode up to a home in the 4000 block of Riverhaven in Pasco, ditched his old 'tired' bike, then made off with a n…
Distinctive Stolen Truck Should be Easy to Spot, Say Cops
According to authorities, this rather distinctive truck was nabbed from it's owner July 9, from the parking lot of Space Age on Highway 207 south of Hermiston.
It was taken in broad daylight. The primer black isn't that unusual, but the wheels do make it stand out...
Bold Car Prowl Suspects Make off With iPad, Handgun
They're bold, because the suspects allegedly broke into a vehicle in the middle of a busy afternoon at the Kennewick Ranch and Home store.
Around 1:45pm Saturday, police arrived to a call about a car prowl. The victim reported their vehicle was broken into, an iPad and handgun were taken...
Pasco Police Seeing ‘Run’ On Stolen Hondas, Acuras
We all know there's been a lot of car thefts from people leaving vehicles unattended while they're warming up. Unlocked, or leaving them like that overnight. But now Pasco police say even locking certain models won't necessarily keep them from being stolen.
Pasco PD Nab Thieves Trying to Cash Stolen Check…Again!!
Pasco police arrested two people after they tried to cash a stolen check at the same bank branch TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Jemharyin Love Tate and Clarion Nora Colbray, both of Pasco, were arrested and booked into Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Forgery according to the Pasco Pd F…

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