Suspects Crash Stolen Car, Then Call Cops for Help!
Two suspects have been arrested in connection with a phony story that blew up in their faces in Grant County, thanks in part to a K-9 cop.
August 1st, around 3:30am, two men called 911 asking for help after crashing a car on Sagebrush Flats Road NW not far from Ephrata...
Car Prowlers Try to Hit Car Lots, Busted with Drugs
Shortly before 11pm Tuesday night, a pair of suspects were busted roaming the car lots in the 6900 block of West Clearwater in Kennewick, trying to open cars. But they also got busted for more.
Police arrived and found 37-year-old Joseph McCabe, and 41-year-old Keuovongpaeuth Thavone nearby...
Vehicle Fires Lead to Discovery of Stolen Family U-Haul and Truck
Around 2am Tuesday morning, Benton County Deputies and fire units responded to a pair of vehicles on fire at Webber Canyon and Hensen Road. Both were fully engulfed when officials arrived.
One of the vehicles was that U-Haul van that was reported stolen out of Kennewick June 17th, the other an older …
Driving Without Headlights Will NOT Make You Invisible to Cops
Early Thursday morning, police on patrol, likely the CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team-they like the dark) noticed a vehicle driving a little suspiciously with the headlights OFF near the 500 block of South Hartford.
A traffic stop was quickly initiated and inside the car police found two wanted felons…

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