Cops Nail Teen Trying to Play Junior Safecracker
Monday morning Kennewick police nailed a 17-year-old boy who was allegedly trying to break in to a safe inside a home.
An alert neighbor noticed suspicious activity near the home next door in the 3300 block of West Hood.
Police arrived around mid morning to find the teen trying to open a safe inside t…
15-Year Old Found Guilty in Kidnapping of Elderly Kennewick Woman
KateLynn Kenfield was found guilty on two charges, stemming from the November 2015 kidnapping of a 86-year-old Kennewick woman. She was abducted, stuffed in a trunk and driven to Wood Village, OR. She was able to escape from the truck with her dog, and call police. (Victim Hazel is pictured at left)
Kennewick Kidnapping Teen Will Be Tried as Adult
Billy J. Underwood, one of two teens accused of assaulting and kidnapping an 86-year-old Kennewick woman, stuffing her in the trunk of her car, and subjecting her to what prosecutors called cruel and unusual punishment, will go on trial as an adult.

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