This Debit Card Theft-Fraud Suspect Captured on Video [VIDEO]
Kennewick police say this woman is wanted in connection with the alleged use of a stolen debit card, and she's used it at multiple locations.
Police released this video of the female suspect. After the card was reported stolen, she's used it at several locations in both Kennewick and Richla…
How Some Spent Their Spring Break, Shoplifting
Kennewick police didn't specify which store, but said these two are wanted in connection with what they said was the theft of 'hundreds' of dollars worth of merchandise from a store at Columbia Center Mall.
Anyone with any information can report it at (509)-628-0333...
Police Seeking ‘Help-Yourself’ Mall Thieves
These two suspects are wanted in connection with the theft of more than $400 worth of clothes from Macy's in Columbia Center Mall.
No date was given by Kennewick police, but anyone who might have any information is asked to call (509)-628-0333...

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