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Who Were The Tri-City Posse? We Look Back
A recent posting on Craigslist made us think back in the long, rich, and sometimes tumultuous history of professional baseball in the Tri-Cities. This gear is being sold for $5. We wonder if they realize the historical value of these items.
Are April Showers on the Way? Don’t Count on It
We're a couple of days into April and I gotta say: even though there's wind today I am pretty pleased with how we have been treated by it so far. Will the pleasant weather persist throughout the month? While I can't offer specific conditions for anything farther than a week away, let&…
New Restaurant Coming to Downtown Kennewick!
Those looking to revitalize downtown Kennewick aren't messing around!  $20,000 (the money from the America's Best Communities contest) is being allocated for businesses to re-vamp their current establishments. In addition to current businesses getting some of the funds, new business a…
Top 10 Breweries You MUST Visit at Tri-Cities OnTap
Tri-CIties OnTap is coming up on March 19th! It's the brew-fest where you get to buy tickets to a session and enjoy tasting without having to buy scrip or tokens, but just taste as much as you can in your session!
That being said, with 120 breweries at the event, it's hard to know who to tr…
Will Flooding in Yakima Affect Us?
Heavy rainfall along the east slopes of the Cascades coupled with higher temperatures has caused the Yakima River to overflow its banks in the Yakima area. Of course, the Yakima River flows through our area, and those along the river in Prosser, Benton City and West Richland are no strangers to the …
The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, but Will He be Right?
We all know what Groundhog Day is. Every February 2nd we bring our friend Punxsutawney Phil out of his home in hopes that we will have some warm weather on the horizon, but he is not the only one we ask. There are Groundhog Day celebrations all around the country, so what do the other guys say?

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