valentines day

The Best Candy Heart Rejects on Twitter
It's Valentine's Day, and we all know what that means. #CandyHeartsRejects is trending on Twitter, again. At this point it's basically a Valentine's tradition, like buying chocolates or getting into a blackout fight.
The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Visits Kennewick
The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile will be at the Kennewick Senior Center today, February 14th from Noon to 1:30 during the Senior Center’s annual Valentine Bingo and Dessert Social.The center is located on 500 S. Auburn St.
The famous 27-foot long vehicle will be open to the public for tou…
The Best Valentine’s Day TV Episodes Ever
Say what you want to about Valentine's Day, it is an excuse to buy a three pound box of chocolates and a double-sized bottle of white wine and not have to share it with anybody. But what to do while you're picking through your Whitman's Sampler and pouring yourself Texas-sized glasses…

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