Feds Declare 13 WA Counties Disaster Areas Due to Harsh Winter
Gov. Inslee's office announced Friday the Trump Administration has granted a disaster declaration for 13 Washington state counties, due to the damage caused by the harsh winter, excessive snow, followed by rain, melting runoff and other other factors that caused hundreds of millions in damages.
10 Things You Should Stock Up on Before Getting Snowed In
We've finally gotten a break from the snow storms, but we're not out of the woods yet. There may be more snow and ice headed our way, so I've made a list of things you should definitely have in case of getting snowed in. Some are obvious, but there may be some things you wouldn't…
Are the Tri Cities in for a Super Cold Winter?
I know you don't want to think about it, but Winter is Coming. Not that's not just a catchy Game of Thrones quote! If you were living in the Tri-Cities last year you know how CRAZY hot it was this time of year. Then winter was pretty mild...
Stay Safe by Keeping Off Local Frozen Bodies of Water
I know it's tempting to ice skate or run across that frozen lake in your neighborhood but it probably is not be safe!
With the temperature dropping Columbia Basin Dive Rescue Team wants to remind everyone to keep off of frozen bodies of water at all costs...

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