Controversial talk show host Alex Jones' website Prison Planet has offered a harsh take on Americans priorities.

While Jones' website used the most recent behavior of some Seattle fans celebrating the Super Bowl,  the point was not to single THEM out, but point out that in general Americans care more about Super Bowls and Black Friday sales than they do political events.  Author Paul Joseph Watson pointed out the following:

"Whereas most of Europe has seen unrest over the last few years in response to austerity measures, rampant government corruption and a crumbling economy, Americans have remained completely docile. It seems the only thing that gets them excited enough to hit the streets is an ultimately meaningless football result."

Now we're pretty sure he's NOT advocating we take to the streets with pitchforks and torches about elections, but his point was it's the wrong events that stir our passions to the point of be moved to act.   He included footage of furniture being burned in Seattle and reports of damage to the city's famous glass Pergola, which dates back to 1909.

Sports violence is not confined to the Super Bowl.   Dating back to Roman times, there have been notable riots related to athletics.  In 1972 there was an end-zone-to-end-zone on-field brawl between Oregon and Oregon State fans after the Civil War in Corvallis. In 1984, there was the infamous Detroit riot after the Tigers beat the Padres in the World Series.   Hundreds of soccer fans have died around the world after controversial finishes, and recently you may recall in 2011 the riots and violence in Vancouver after the Canucks (who were favored) lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.  Even police cars have been burned, shops looted, fires set, and worst of all - people killed.

Watson does make this strong, if controversial point about Americans, using the most recent Super Bowl celebration merely as the latest example:

"While their entire country is being bankrupted, hollowed out, and flooded with illegal immigrants as Obama announces that he will ignore Congress and pursue his agenda via dictatorial executive fiat, Americans remain unmoved.

The only things that get them in the least bit animated are Black Friday sales and NFL football games. When a civilization reaches this point of decadence, a Roman Empire-style collapse is soon to follow."

While Watson's delivery and examples may be shocking and harsh,  it might be take a slap to the face to make us realize our priorities could be wrong.  Sports celebrations are great (as long as they don't involve rioting) but the future of one's country is a bigger priority than ANY sporting outcome.