Despite seemingly giving us so many more ways to stay "in-touch" with people,  a new survey says technology can actually cause us to feel further apart!

Intel Corporation recently surveyed some 12,000 young people between the ages of 18-24, and found that despite all our modern technologies, cell phones, etc,  technology can make them feel "less human."  

While young people feel technology can enhance their social life,  they believe it needs to continue to be made more "personal,"  and know their habits.   90% of them said technology has made their lives easier, but 60% said it can be de-humanizing.  These same 60% said people rely on technology too much.

Such examples listed included texting people instead of talking to them on the phone, or face to face.   So many functions and tasks in life can now be accomplished with a few clicks of a smartphone,  and often removes human interaction.

Some experts say this could also be interpreted as young people believing if the technology continues to be personalized more, like on newer phone models, it may relieve some of that dehumanizing feeling.