Our Moron of the Week comes from Georgia. A Clayton County high school senior is facing potential expulsion and missing his graduation after posting a mug shot of Riverdale High principal Jamille Miller Brown on Instagram claiming she was arrested for DUI.

Brown's mugshot was online via a local law enforcement website, but she had been arrested for allegedly missing a court date over a speeding infraction! It was NOT a DUI, according to authorities.

The teenager posted the picture on Instagram and was confronted by Brown over his actions. She attempted to have him arrested, but an officer refused, so he was suspended. Brown later cut his suspension to two days and he will return to school next week. His family says the letter from the school indicates the boy was suspended because he falsely claimed Brown was driving intoxicated and arrested for DUI.

His family is steadfastly defending him, claiming nowhere in the student manual does it say a student can be suspended for passing misinformation. Other school administrators said Varner was suspended because he was showing the picture to other students and became belligerent when confronted.

However, while the student manual may not specifically forbid what Varner did, he will be lucky if the principal doesn't sue him. Deliberately posting online a picture of someone who was arrested and falsely accusing them of a more serious crime is a little thing called defamation of character.

Varner had protested the suspension saying, "I need to be in school." He also offered this whopper in defending his actions: "I didn't, like, really intend to defame her character."

If that is the case, then why did you do it in the first place?