You've probably heard Ian and the Gang from Free Talk Live Saturdays at midnight.  Now, they're invading late nights on Newstalk 870.

Free Talk Live is different, fresh and totally listener controlled.  As Ian has often said, "we're not wacko left, or uber right, we're Free Talk Live."  While the show definitely has a libertarian slant, they present a thoughtful and force opinion on whatever topic YOU the listener wish to discuss.  They are the fastest growing national talk show program in America, with well over 100 stations and growing daily.  Talkers Magazine, the "bible" of talk radio, showed they jumped into the top 75 of what they call the "Heavy Hundred"-the BIGGEST and most influential talk show hosts in America.  So get your does of "The Insurrection" weeknights midnight-3am  and all night Saturday night with Newstalk 870.