Numerous News sources, from FOX to CNN are reporting Obama and the US are considering entering into negotiations with the Taliban to end hostilities.  But is Obama the 'worst' negotiator ever?

Throughout history, when negotiations between warring nations took place, often one of the two was in a considerably more powerful position than the other--negotiating from a postition of strength.  Multiple sources, including the Obama Administration, admit they, as well as the Afghan government have been engaged in some discussions with Taliban officials.  Aside from the argument that you never negotiate with terrorists, should this prove to be a useful tool in dealing with Al Quaida or other groups,  is Obama showing he is the worst negotiator ever?  Pulling troops out of Afghanistan while you are trying to bargain your way with an enemy is not the smartest thing in the world.  Most experts agree negotiations are best done from a position of strength.  Although he was a progressive, Teddy Roosevelt did say "speak softly but carry a big stick."   Trying to convince the Taliban, Al Qaida and others to cease and desist from terrorist activities while packing your bags probably just won't work.