It must have been well planned, and they must have had cutting torches...Theives in Peoria Illinois stole a staircase from H3 Steel Company,weighing over 1,000 pounds!

The AP and WLS Radio report the burglars struck the steel product manufacturing company overnight Tuesday, taking a variety of items, including a galvanized stairway that was on a flatbed truck awaiting delivery to a client.  Workers at the plant said it would have taken several people, and a sizable truck to make off with the metal.  With the economy in the tank law enforcement officials all over the country report theft of recycleable metals has skyrocketed.  Here in the Mid Columbia,  copper, steel, and aluminum thefts have risen over 40%.  Many of the theives are part of loosely organized groups who often steal the materials, cut them up, and even melt them down into different shapes for recycling; modifying the metal as to avoid getting caught, and even recycling them out of state.  Police aren't naive, as soon as significant thefts are reported, they notify all recycling facilities in those communities, so theives are getting more diverse.