My Fox New York did an update on some outlandish lawsuits that are still being debated in the courts. The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York tracks what they say are frivolous suits, and tries to work for reforms to prevent them.

According to the Alliance, here are some actual suits that are still pending in New York Courts:

  • Yasmin Rahman, now 27, is suing the city for $7 million, ostensibly for saving her from trying to commit suicide. In 2001 she jumped in front of a moving subway train, but the NYPD and firefighters were able to save her.  She claims the police department and other officials posted pictures, documents and information about her attempt on a publicly-accessible website. Her suit claims this information has prevented her from getting a job, because employers turn away when they see that she tried to kill herself!

The problem with her case, however, is that NYPD doesn't keep a medical record database, and there's no way she can prove her claims.  But that hasn't stopped her attorney from pushing the $7 million pricetag.  My Fox New York found she actually did have a job between 2010 and 2012! Hmmmm....

Then there's the case of Public School (PS) 330 teacher John Webster.  The 220-lb. former college football linebacker is suing the city because he claims a 50-lb student beat him up!   Webster says as humiliating as it seems,  the attack by student Rodrigo Carpio knocked him off balance, and he fractured his ankle.   He has been off work since September, 2012. Critics at the Lawsuit Reform Alliance say the city is not responsible for him being "kung-fued" by a student.

And finally, Elia Dias, a 400-lb. former felon in the city correctional system, sued for $1 million dollars because the city didn't have jail clothes big enough to fit him.  He claimed mental anguish.  The case was dropped recently, but cost the city a considerable amount of money.

Tis the season,  not to be jolly in New York, but to file outlandish lawsuits!   Merry Christmas!