Nice to see the TSA is on the ball. Just days after a newspaper reporter was able to slip through airport security with a fake boarding pass, the TSA confiscates a woman's cupcake.

Just a few days ago, a reporter from Vanity Fair was able to get through TSA security with a fake boarding pass at Reagan National Airport.  The writer described just how easy it is for someone with decent computer skills to fake a boarding pass.   Well, the TSA is up on it now.  A Peabody MA woman had her cupcake confiscated by TSA agents at Las Vegas International Airport who said the frosting was 'too gel like' and could be a security risk.  Even National TSA officials said simple baked goods are allowed on board, because they can be easily scanned for hidden "tools", and as long as it's not a three foot sheet cake, a cupcake should be fine.   Rebecca Hains had brought two of the cakes through security at Boston's Logan airport, ate one, and saved the other for the return trip...until the "pros" at Vegas deemed the poor cupcake was a security risk.  Happy Holiday flying, everybody!