For most travelers it will come as welcome news--if you're intent on showing off your newly diet-remodled body, you're out of luck.  The TSA is now implementing new digital software that will eliminate the 'naked' image of  travelers being screened.

Probably due to the hundreds of complaints, reports filed against TSA agents,  even lawsuits against the Feds--not to mention the number of TSA workers fired for gawking at x-ray images of passengers for amusement.  The TSA now will eliminate the so called naked image originally displayed when passengers went thru the airport screening device.  The TSA had gone uber-happy with the L-3 body scanning machines after the December 2009 underwear bomber who tried, but failed, to detonate a bomb concealed in his underwear.  The TSA stepped up the body scanners after a screening failed to detect the bomb.  But due to a huge outcry and even threats of lawsuits from passengers, new computer software will allow the TSA to search passengers thoroughly, but without relying on the old 'naked image.'