The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has never been mistaken as a beacon of efficiency, competence, or effectiveness...Now they appear to have violated equal rights concerning handicapped individuals.

A former one-handed boxer is suing the TSA for refusing to hire him, saying he was told because he was born without a right hand, he cannot perform "patdowns."  Michael Constantino is a successful former Golden Gloves boxer who has defeated a number of two handed opponents, filed the lawsuit after TSA officials claimed, besides the patdowns, that he could not open zippers, luggage or other items that needed to be inspected.  You would think the TSA would be willing to hire someone who's life has been a testament to hard work, energy and the good attitude needed to overcome his disability; instead of the people they hired who have been arrested for stealing from people's luggage, and peeping at the full body xrays from the body scanners for personal gratification.