Spike TV, one of the cutting edge 'cable' tv networks, is going to kick off a new series called "Last Family On Earth" this fall.

The show, set to debut this fall, will pit families against each other in a series of events and competitions to determine who has the best "survivalist mentality."    The winner will receive an underground survival bunker.   The bunker will be built at an undisclosed location, but do doubt acessable to the winner.  The cost of the bunker was not disclosed.   Spike TV executives claim is has nothing to do with the Mayan prophecy that the world will reportedly end in December.  They say general unrest with the world, and a desire for cutting edge programming led to this program.

  While it is set for six episodes, the network says there's no reason why it won't continue in the future. A company called Vivos is supplying the shelter.  Find out more about them here.

Here's a look at Vivos and some people are putting their efforts into.