They're part of the digital revolution, but could they be draining your brain?

A new study from the University of California San Francisco seems to show that the constant bombardment of  messages, information, and social network tasking can create long term memory loss and hinder mental performance.  Multitasking, as is often done with cell phones, computers and other digital tools, can create short term memory loss-especially among older adults.  This study, along with information from a 2009 Stanford University project, suggests that constant multitasking  inpedes the brain's natural filter that prevents us from "flitting" from task to task, or thought to thought-impeding singular powers of concentration.   This filter degeneration makes us far more likely to be distracted by the You Tube videos, twits, social network messages and more.  Many subjects in the studies admitted they felt "addicted" to their digital devices.  Think about it-how often do you see people constantly looking and checking their phones, jumping on the computer...or doing it yourself....just like I!