Wonder how many of them are in Washington state?  In Eastern Washington, or even Tri-Cities?

It's a well known fact that Obama has ordered ICE, or Immigration Customs Enforcement, to release illegals who are caught by U.S. officials.  If you don't have a known criminal record, you're set free.    The catch and release program as it's mockingly called by by many front-line Border Patrol and ICE agents, has been going on before the Big "O" took office, but more than any other president, he has ignored U.S. immigration laws.

  But now, thanks to the work of Congressman Jeff Sessions,  details are spilling out that in 2013, ICE released over 68,000 illegals who were captured and found to have committed crimes.   Not including traffic violations, these 68,000 were released back into their communities because of a variety of Obama-created factors, including if the person is a parent or caregiver, if they've already applied for legal status, if they're in school etc.

That number amounts to 35% of all the illegals with whom ICE came into contact with.   In Maricopa County, AZ (Joe Arpio's district)  lawyers, ICE agents and other immigration officials have been "ordered" by the federal government to release illegals who've been accused of identity theft or fraud.

According to Sessions' House Judiciary Report,  of the  criminal illegals released, 4,000 went on to commit other significant crimes, including 59 murders. Obama is, as reported by Hot Air on Tuesday, in the process of caving even farther to extreme left-wing amnesty and illegal immigration groups; the only recourse left for ICE and other government agencies is to basically ignore ALL the laws and let illegal alien criminals run wild across the country like Jesse James.