His original crime was cash smuggling.

Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers are looking for Ramiro Josue Villa, 23, for a probation violation.  He was originally convicted of cash smuggling, and his last known wherabouts were in Kennewick.

Anyone with information about his location, or information leading to the apprehension of Villa - or any other wanted subject - are eligible for a cash reward.   Tips and information can be anonymously submitted to Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS.

According to the law department at Cornell University school of law, cash smuggling consists of anyone concealing at least $10,000 or more (in cash) and attempting to smuggle it in or out of the United States for the purposes of evading taxes or other legally required financial reporting services.  It is often associated with drug trafficking, but it was not stated Villa was involved in such activity, just cash smuggling.