Your tuition dollars in action.  Columbia University, one of the most liberal of the Ivy League Schools, is going to offer a new class that gives credit for participating in the Occupy Wall Street facade.

Called "Occupy The Field-Global Finance, Inequality, Social Movement", it will be taught by Dr. Hannah Appel, who participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  The class will be split between classwork, and "field" work, meaning students will be given credit for participating in the disruptions.  Rather ironic Columbia would be offering this course, since it's the 1 percent who can afford to attend this school.  Ms. Appel says it's important to get their message out to push back against the "movement without a message" tag that has been applied to OWS.  Ms. Appel might be interested to know that New Years Eve, as OWS camps were being torn down in New York, dozens were arrested by police for resisting and otherwise fighting back against the clearout.  We are wondering if the following topics will be also taught as part of the OWS Class?

A) how to defecate in an alleyway, on a sidewalk, or otherwise relieve yourself in public.

B) how to use the restroom of a nearby business as a shower (even when the owner forbids you from turning their bathroom into a pigstye).

C) how to sexually assault members of the opposite sex while camping out.

D) how to build and detonate firebombs in public places (ala Portland Occupy).

and finally, E) how to effectively place your  four year old toddler on railroad tracks to block commerce?