It's not operational yet, but  in Big Bend National park, there could be UNMANNED border crossing stations.

The US government defends the "kiosk" idea by saying residents of the small town of Boquillas del Carmen would have to travel 240 miles to the nearest manned border crossing station; this will allow those with legal papers to scan them and cross.  There would also be the ability to speak, via cameraphone or other technology, with a Border Agent in another location about 100 miles away.  The kiosks would be in the area of the Big Bend National park.  It's along the Rio Grande River, a sparsely populated area with harsh terrain, few inhabitants and occasional campers. Previously, there had been a manned border crossing station, but it went away over 11 years ago.  del  Carmen has seen it's population plummet due to the lack of a legal way to get across the border to the US to get supplies, and work as dwindled in the town as well.   US officials claim unmanned border crossing station are used in some locations on the US-Canadian border, but the drug and political situation is quite different there.    Some fear if it 'works' this would encourage the US Governement to increase the number of unmanned in other locations along the US-Mexican border.