Apparently the truck was not left in gear, or the parking brake didn't work.

Authorities continue to investigate why a semi-truck rolled across a parking lot and crashed not into, but partially through a convenience store in Grand Coulee Monday.

Around 6:30am at the Jack's Four Corner Mart in Grand Coulee near the intersection of State Highways 155 and 174, the semi was left unoccupied by the driver, who went inside to get some coffee.   According to authorities, the truck, which was turned off, was not left in gear, and began to roll across the lot, crashing through the store.

According to witnesses, the parking brake in the truck did not work.  It belongs to an amusement company from Coeur 'Alene, Idaho,  Paradise Amusements.  Officials did not say if any charges had been filed against the driver, who's name was not released.  Fortunately, and miraculously, no one was injured in the wreck!

We know for sure the amusement company will NOT be amused about this event!

Notice on the front of the building in this picture, the sign that reads "Coopers Express."

(Courtesy The Star Newspaper-Grand Coulee-KREM 2 TV Facebook page)