The Chinese haven't always been known as innovators, often being accused of "stealing" other nation's technology, ideas etc.  But THIS is pretty cool!

Already a sensation domestically, an "upside down" house in Shang-Hai is now open for public visits, and it will test your senses - and probably give you Vertigo.

Located in a park area, the home took five months to build, and construction began last November.    Various visitors quoted by the official Chinese News Agency said a trip through the home constantly made you feel as if you were going to fall from the ceiling to the floor.

Everything inside, including furniture, is "suspended" from the ceiling, which is actually the floor.   Every bit of the house was built upside down.  Visitors walk on the ceiling,  the floor is above you.  The bathroom is complete with toilet and mirrors.  A sloping floor (the ceiling) adds to the excitement, if you can call it that.  It's not the only upside down house in the world, though,  similar structures have been built in Germany and other nations. But the Chinese version is one of the first to be built.

A visit through the home is only $5 U.S. dollars.

Take this tour of the home, courtesy of ITN News (YouTube)