As part of the nationwide effort to trim billions from it's defecit, the United States Postal Service has announced it will move it's mal processing services from Yakima to the Pasco Processing Center.

The USPS announced a few weeks ago it was going to consider closing a number of processing centers, and re-evaluating nearly all of it's post offices in an effort to save money.   By shifting main mail processing to Pasco, it will save as much as $1.2 million dollars but will also eliminate as many as 19 jobs.   The USPS said retail services will remain at the Yakima main post office.   According to information from the USPS, due to a 20% decline in mail volume since 2007, drastic steps must be taken to alleviate expenses.    While the USPS release said nothing about guaranteeing long-term 'life' of the Pasco facility,  most believe this will answer the question whether the Pasco Processing center will remain open.   The USPS says the Pasco facility has the ability to absorb the extra mail and work from Yakima.  No mention was made in the USPS release, or the Yakima Herald Republic story if any new jobs will be added to Pasco,  however, KNDU TV is reporting the move will be completed by April 2012 and some workers at the Yakima facility may be offered positions elsewhere in the Yakima USPS system.