No word on when phones will be working again.

Officials at Kiona-Benton School District said early today sometime over the weekend the district suffered some vandalism.

Specific details were not released about the damage, but school officials said the phone system is not working, This outage affects the elementary, middle and high school.

Til further notice, alternative numbers have been set up for the schools. From the school district information release:

"Alternative phone numbers for the Elementary School are 509-727-4669: Middle School 509 727-4281, 509-619-9023, and 509-727-4964: High School 509-727-5562 and 509-727-4972."


No other information was released about the incident.

(UPDATE):   School district officials say the damage caused by vandals over the weekend to the elementary, middle, and high schools in the Ki-Be District could be as high as $100,000.   Phones, computers, monitors and keyboards were defaced or smashed, and phone and computer wiring torn out of junction boxes.   Officials said it could be some time before all the damage is completely repaired.