According to Neilsen tv reports, an astounding 27% of viewers who watched the beginning of Obama's State Of The Union speech this week changed the channel within 5 minutes!

That amounts to more than a quarter of the viewing audience.  According to Kantar Media, who closely monitored tv trends during the event,  37.8 million initially began to watch.  Within five minutes, that number had dropped to just over 28 million viewers.  Kantar said it was gradual erosion,  no single point or statement by Obama seemed to cause a slide.   Fox Tv showed a huge jump after the speech was over, and viewers tuned in to see analysis.   Where did the 27 percent of viewers go who left the speech early?  According to Kantar and Neilsen, they went to TBS, USA and ESPN Networks.   The big jumps seen on Fox and other networks after the speech were due to viewers wanting to see the Republican response to Obama's speech.