If they're serious about keeping Boeing in Everett and getting the 777x project, this might not be the way to do it...or is it?

State officials are wooing Airbus, the top competitor of Boeing. It might seem crazy. Not only do Washington state officials want to get new business and jobs for our state, but perhaps it's a way of telling Boeing they're not going to keep dribbling assembly lines and workers out of our state without officials trying to replace them.

According to Northwest Cable News:

During the past several months, state officials have traveled to the U.S. headquarters of Airbus SAS in Virginia, moved to connect Airbus with Washington state suppliers, and signed a five-year confidentiality agreement with the company to allow further exploration of business opportunities, according to records obtained by The Associated Press under public disclosure laws."

A memo to Gov. Jay Inslee this summer outlined potential ways to increase the aerospace industry business in Washington. It had Airbus at the top of the list. While many officials said for years it was unwise to court business from companies that competed directly with Boeing, recent events changed opinions.

Airbus already does some $200 million worth of business with companies in Washington state for parts and supplies.