A number of Republican members of Washington's legislature are nervous for what their new governor will propose.

Inslee's inauguration speech included much talk of creating jobs and sparking the economy. During his campaign, the former U.S. Representative pledged not to raise taxes. Inslee said there was a need to support and build education -- all of which is welcomed by the GOP.

Republican House leader Richard DeBolt voiced optimism, but was also concerned because Inslee's job plan would place a heavy emphasis on government incentives to create green jobs, sounding eerily similar to the failed policy President Obama tried in his first term. DeBolt echoed those fears:

"One of the things I was concerned about is picking winners and losers in this tough economy that we have. I think we should try to raise all businesses up, not just the ones that he wants to.”

Those same concerns and accusations have plagued the Obama administration because they gave hundreds of millions to favored green energy companies only to watch most of them fail and go bankrupt.

Republican Kevin Parker of Spokane delivered the GOP response to Inslee's speech:

“It’s time to begin a new chapter and get Washington working again. When we empower the private sector, we empower employers who, in turn hire, and empower the middle class, the economically disadvantaged, and the most vulnerable.”

Republicans in Olympia say they are ready to work with Inslee and see what he brings to the table. But there appears to be an eye of caution. Will Inslee truly keep his "no tax" pledge? Will he streamline state government?

Or will he continue in the same spending path that buried the state with a billion-dollar deficit under Gov. Gregoire?

Only time will tell.