Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued those words as part of his reaction to the Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Freguson's full quote read:

“Today is a great day for marriage equality both in Washington state and across the country,”

Also, under the guidance of Ferguson, Washington state was actually part of the movement to get the DOMF overturned. From the press release:

Washington joined 12 other states in a'friend-of-the-court' brief, supporting the Ninth Circuit’s ruling and arguing that Prop. 8 violated the Equal Protection Clause because there is no rational basis for California to deny same sex couples the right to marry on an equal basis as opposite sex couples."

Ferguson's actions -- including the "friend of the court" filings -- and his aggressive lawsuit against Arlene's Flowers owner Baronelle Stutzman are causing many to call into question his ability to fairly defend of the values still upheld by a very large number of Washingtonians and other Americans.