Another 1,266 jobs will be cut from the State Of WA Payroll, due to a new budget cut approved by the State legislature.

While many are from the shutting down of state liquor stores due to the privatization bill that passed last November,  the other big chunk are coming from the Department Of Social and Health Services, or DSHS, that has dropped nearly 17 percent of it's workforce in the last four years.  DSHS is the state's largest agency, will see 440 positions go away.

  However, while actual jobs will be lost from closing liquor stores, and those employees will need to find other work,  virtually all of the DSHS job cuts are being done by eliminating positions that are vacant.  DSHS has those 440 open jobs--they will simply not be filled, then eliminated.  DSHS is the one state agency that has seen it's demands increase greatly over the last few years.