Perhaps the most bizarre suspension we've seen by the Washington State Department of Health in decades!

A Bellingham veterinarian has been suspended from any further animal medical practice this week after being accused of alleged drug use while working on his pet patients!

According to the Washington State Department of Health (WSDH),  Todd William Perry was recently seen having trouble standing upright while working on a client's dog. Perry had to lean against the examination table just to keep from falling. According to the pet owner, he also had glazed eyes, and slurred speech.

Later that same day, Perry went to the ER at the local Bellingham hospital to be treated for a drug overdose. According to the WSDH investigation, workers as his clinic noticed some strange behavior, and Perry admitted to the ER doctor he'd been battling a drug problem "for some time." The doctor noticed numerous needle injection marks in Perry's arm. What narcotics he was using was not released in the report, but it's believed they were possibly pain killer or other narcotics used on animals!

Perry has been suspended immediately, and cannot practice pending a hearing.  He has 20 days to respond to the charges.

Bet  there's a number of animals in and around Bellingham who just breathed a sigh of relief - especially those who'd been scheduled to be "fixed" at Perry's clinic!   (we can joke about it because no animals were found to have been injured or harmed by his drug use at the clinic.)